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We know that everyone is ready 

and we look forward to seeing you in Indonesia.

Until now everything is still uncertain, 

no one knows when this beautiful country 

will open its doors to you all.

Until then, we do not yet have actual prices for your stay on the website.

So everything is purely indicative. 

If you have plans, feel free to send an email to [email protected] 

or a WhatsApp +62 877 3750 2435, and we make contact. 

We are happy to give you a lot of travel information, 

and help with ideas, before booking we recommend to wait until a green light comes. 

Of course you can always stay completely free

without obligation to book an option.

Hopefully we can meet you VERY FAST

Awe & Alamanda team

Small is Beautiful.

Alamanda Family Villas is a small cozy 4 villas paradise

on the outskirts of the old town of Yogyakarta.

It is our family hobby, to meet cozy people and take care of them!

The 4 very spacious Java style Joglo's (villas) are located in the middle of our own 4000 m2 rice fields, which borders on our own private house. And we have them fully equipped,​ 

We try to keep everything as natural as possible,

even our lovely, saltwater pool 10 x 4 m.

located in the rice fields is eco friendly...

Many things are unique with us

but the view of the 3 km high volcano is an extra highlight every day!

Service is our hobby,

We are of course very proud that for over 7 years we have been

the number one on TripAdvisor of the whole Yogyakarta region.

(While Yogyakarta has over 1200 hotels!)

More than 630 reviews, we got from our guests.

They come as guests and go as friends! (and many come back regularly)

Most of our very satisfied guests are happy to come back    (as our friends :-)  )

because Yogyakarta offers so much that you can stay there for months! .

We therefore recommend that you put Yogyakarta in your schedule for at least 3 days. 

Our goal & also one of our specialties is;   "to arrange everything for you",

so that you can enjoy this beautiful country, and leave it all in our hands!

Your stay will be truly a special experience!

It is also very nice to have a trusted person close by,

in a country where you do not speak the language good

and many inhabitants do not speak English.

Als0 a great country with a beautiful culture,

but many other ways of life and of how to live,

nice to really get to know their way of life and try to understand it !! 

Your guide / driver / butler / new FRIEND

will be your greatest asset for a successful holiday and discovery of Indonesia. 

You do not have to worry about ;

"how to get to the place quickly "and "via a beautiful route that I would like to see? "

"Am I paying the right price? " "Is what I want to see in real life also worth the time and effort? " "Where can I eat delicious, safe, and not too spicy food? " 

We like to be honest and offer you a wonderful holiday at a fair price!

Therefore book directly with us, via the booking options on this web-page, or via email.

You then save at least 20% on the prices of the internet booking sites, 

such as Booking, com, Agoda Expedia, etc. etc.

We often have to pay them 20% commission, so a waste of your money! 

Book directly, which is very nice for us and for you!

(During the Covid-19 era, these internet bookings sites,  have completely abandoned hotels as well,  with their billions of dollars in profits over the years!) 

Click here! Safe money BOOK DIRECT